Sustainable Clothing & Custom Vinyl Window Graphics in Portland, OR

Screen Printing

Screen printing is not just something we do, it is our pulse. With modern techniques and equipment, we print high-quality retail ready goods in any quantity over 24 pieces, with a discerning eye to add to your success. We can match your pantone colors, and print at the maximum detail levels that fabric can handle. Need 10,000 pieces printed? No problem.

Inks & Sustainability & Ethos

Deep to our core, we want to make you goods that will be well-loved and lasting. At some point we thought, what’s worse than single use products? Why would we? Let’s make your customer’s next favorite shirt instead. A T-shirt you pay for that nobody wants to wear because its made of stiff carded cotton and thick plastisol printing is not going to last long in the closets of your customers.

Sustainable Clothing in Portland, OR
We love to use water-based and discharge inks as much as possible. These inks require just water to clean up, and the solids are filtered out of the drain water by our filtration system. Water-based inks leave no hand feel and a nice crisp print, they just mostly work on 100% cotton or specially formulated tri-blend or poly-blended fabrics. They will not work on 100% polyester or other synthetic fabrics.

But, we’ll be happy to print with plastisol as well. We’ll make it soft-handed and thin with some of our special tricks. We’ll keep the texture smooth and colors vibrant. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are also very conscious of the impact of manufacturing on our world. We use filtration systems and strictly soy and citrus based clean up chemicals. We avoid single use plastics and try keep waste to a minimum. Pacific North Press believes it is responsible to be the positive change we wish to see for our world.

Embroidery & Finishing work

Machine embroidery is probably one of the coolest things we get to do. With our big Tajima embroidery machine, we can stitch your graphic onto flat or round items, shirts, caps, you name it. Check it out!

The Branding possibilities are endless

In addition to machine embroidery, we also offer in-house sewing and finishing services to deepen your brand quality and visibility. From woven hem labels, interior tags, to hang tags and poly-bagging (please note, while we do offer poly-bagging, we encourage you to consider the impact of single use plastics on our world, change starts with you!), we can help you present your products at their best.

"layered" striped tee shirt

Die-Cut Full-Color Decals

Glossy vinyl, Matte vinyl, any color, any shape, die cut, stacked and packed. If you need some extra merchandise options, stickers or decals are one of the best, most cost effective way to get it. Check out your options here!

custom stickers

Vinyl Installations


Let your branding show proud, front and center on your business. We can lay out cut vinyl for logos, text, or even just change the window color if you’d like. Perforated vinyl will allow you to show a full color photo or ad while still being able to see through your windows. Let’s talk about your next project!

Custom Vinyl Window Graphics in Portland, OR


We are able to produce and install full color interior wraps to change the feel and vibe of the inside of your office, art and typographical installations, suite names and numbers. We can even help you design graphics and wrap your food-cart. Window and Wall vinyl is available for customers within the Portland Metro area year round.


Signs are one of our favorite things to make. From A-boards to hanging signs, back-lit rotating signs to installations on food carts, we have options! Wood, plastic, di-bond, metal. Our network can facilitate laser cutting, cnc cutting, and other fabrication methods. Please get in touch by email about this kind of custom project.