This one of the oldest methods of decorating apparel. Using a variety of thread colors, we’re able to turn your logo or graphic into a very unique and permanent decoration to clothing, bags, headwear and anything else we’re able to hoop. 

There are also thousands of wholesale blank apparel and accessory options that we can source for your project, and your selection should be as unique and high quality as your brand. The knowledgeable Pacific North Press team is ready to help you put it all together. We think it’s better to collaborate rather than use a one size fits all catalog, so hit the button below to get the conversation going!

Custom Embroidery Printing

How to: ordering for Embroidery

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Order Prep

We'll collect information from you about the project and find the type of item you'd like printed, the quantity, take a color count of the art, your due date, and use it to set up a quote for printing to you. We can do this by phone, email, or in person by appointment.

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We'll provide you with a comprehensive quote, showing you every detail of the order including the cost per unit, color counts, print locations, setup costs, due date, etc. Once this is approved, an invoice will open up for you. We'll move on to the next step once you've submitted payment.

Custom Embroidery Printing

Mock Ups

At this stage, we'll send over digital mock-ups for you to approve. These mock-ups will include all the item, print colors, and placement instructions in detail. Make sure this part is exactly what you want when you approve it, because it's what we'll use for the next step.

Custom Embroidery Printing


At this point, we'll get your image ready for decoration. This part of the process converts a standard graphic into a machine readable format that tells the embroidery machine how to sew it and what thread colors to use.

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After you've approved your mock-ups, we've already ordered the blank apparel and put the job into our schedule. At this part of the process, we're bringing your project into reality! Standard production takes about 7-10 working days from the final art approval.

Custom Embroidery Printing


As soon as we've taped up the last box for your order, we'll send out an email notification to you that your order is ready to pick up. You're welcome to schedule a pick-up time in the invite at your convenience, or get in touch if you need the order shipped to you.

What can I do with Embroidery?

Embroidery is a great decoration technique to tackle complicated apparel or accessories that would otherwise not work on a printing press. The characteristics of art drawn in stitched threads are an art form of their own. Using embroidery on your apparel is a great way to differentiate your product or capture a specific look.


Caps are often best decorated by embroidery. The stitching makes a colorful and durable impression to display your brand at its best.

Ruby Jewel Embroidered Hat


Knit fabrics are often too coarse or plush to apply ink to, making embroidery the idea decoration choice.

Custom Embroidery Printing

Outerwear and Accessories

From synthetic fabrics to organics like denim, outwear is generally not fit for printing presses because of the thick seams or liners. Embroidery solves this problem.

Custom Embroidery Printing

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