Screen Printing

This is the most well known method of decorating apparel. The Screen Print method is able to get vibrant color and sharp detail, by using true spot colors and a high resolution screen imager. Our automatic presses and skilled operators can print hundreds of items per hour, making this an ideal method for those who need printed apparel in volume. 

There are also thousands of wholesale blank apparel options we can source for your project. Hit the button below to get the conversation going!

Screen Printing

How to: ordering for print

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Order Prep

We'll collect information from you about the project and find the type of item you'd like printed, the quantity, take a color count of the art, your due date, and use it to set up a quote for printing to you. We can do this by phone, email, or in person by appointment.

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We'll provide you with a comprehensive quote, showing you every detail of the order including the cost per unit, color counts, print locations, setup costs, due date, etc. Once this is approved, an invoice will open up for you. We'll move on to the next step once you've submitted payment.

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Mock Ups

At this stage, we'll send over digital mock-ups for you to approve. These mock-ups will include all the item, print colors, and placement instructions in detail. Make sure this part is exactly what you want when you approve it, because it's what we'll use for the next step.

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After you've approved your mock-ups, we've already ordered the blank apparel and put the job into our schedule. At this part of the process, we're bringing your project into reality! Standard production takes about 7-10 working days from the final art approval.

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As soon as we've taped up the last box for your order, we'll send out an email notification to you that your order is ready to pick up. You're welcome to schedule a pick-up time in the invite at your convenience, or get in touch if you need the order shipped to you.

What kind of prints can I make?

Here at Pacific North Press, we use a variety of techniques with the help of state of the art printing and imaging tech from ROQ and Douthitt, to make sure your prints get the finest detail, tightest registration, and vibrant color. We made no sacrifice to bring you the best printing -- good enough is not good enough for us.

Spot Color

This is where it all starts, the spot color print. This method is called spot color because it utilizes the exact color intended to print. This allows us to get the truest, most vibrant color of any print method. The color in the inks are made by mixing pigment until a specific hue is created. There is no grain or grit to the image because it is not made up of halftones like a digital print. On dark colored fabrics, we need to print a white underbase to keep the color opaque instead of washed out.

Santa Claus Land Tee

Process Print

Process printing is one of our favorite methods. We have two approaches to this kind of print. The first is CMYK, where we use actual Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and break them up into halftones. The blending of the dots creates a full color graphic using just 4 screens. This is best used on white fabric only. The second method is a simulated process type print, which is used for printing on darker colored fabrics. We'll create a white underbase, and use pantone colors we break out of the graphic hues, turn them into halftones and print!

Screen Printing

Specialty Inks

The real fun in print is the use of Metallic, Reflective Puff, Neons, Crackle, Glitter, Shimmer, Glow inks or even plotter cut flocking! There is quite an arsenal of specialty ink available to make your project extra special.

Reflective ink print

Retail Brand Finishing

Take that extra step to make your product truly your own and let us help you remove the mill branding and replace with your own! Along with this service, we can also retail fold and bag (Please consider alternative plastics!), hang tag, sew in custom woven labels, and add UPC/SKU label's to your items for a complete, shipment ready product.

Screen Printing

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