Terms and Conditions

Production Timeline

Production lead time begins only after you have approved your quote, submitted payment, and approved your artwork. Modifications to artwork or order quantities after approval will reset your lead time. While we are provided with estimated time of arrival of goods, we cannot take responsibility for late shipments to us, and will notify you that this scenario will add additional days to your lead time. We will always make our best reasonable effort to deliver on time, but please consider that lead times are always an estimate, and not a guarantee or promise.


Why can’t I get a mock-up before paying? We like to dedicate as much time we have available to active work, once engaged in a job with a customer, meaning we’re on the same page with pricing and the items desired, and a payment has been submitted, we’re happy to provide mock-ups. If we simply provided mock-ups prior to receiving an approved quote we would severely limit the time available to dedicate to making your print job amazing.

Print Minimums

Our minimum order size is 50 pieces per design, this means if you have two or more designs, you will need to order 50 pieces for each design printed.

Order Specs

We will always make our best faith effort to accurately hit the specs of your order. However, due to screen printing being a machine-assisted process, human error does play a part. There are also many factors that make perfect replication of your proofs impossible. Placement tolerance will be within 1” of placements in any direction on proofs, and color accuracy will be reasonably accurate to fully accurate. Please note, colors viewed on monitors are not accurate gauges of color as they can vary from screen to screen, all color work will be done using the Pantone Solid Coated color system.

Out of Stock Substitutions

We are unable to guarantee that all items will be available at any given time, including after an order has been placed. Pacific North Press will make our best faith effort to assure your items are in stock, however, if they are not when we are attempting to purchase them, we will inform you and provide you with appropriate comparable options.

Press Checks

A press-check is a photograph of print quality and placement, on the first piece of your order. Ink colors should be communicated by Pantone number only matching to a corresponding swatch in a Pantone Solid Coated swatch book. Please do not attempt to use a press-check as a reference for color, as the color accuracy from screen to screen can differ dramatically. 

If you do require a printed proof of your artwork prior to your order being produced, please request to order a sample print. We only offer on-press production checks for designs over 6 colors and/or full color process, as well as specialty inks. 

Please note that due to the nature of the screen-printing production process, we are only able to allow a 15-minute window from the time a press-check image has been shared for your approval to be submitted. Any delays in approval over the allowed 15 minutes will result in the order’s artwork being removed from press and held aside, in which case an “Artwork Re-alignment” fee of $50 per screen will be added to your invoice.


We will happily ship on your accounts with most carriers, or ours via UPS. If you prefer to use our account, shipping must be prepaid. Shipments are insured at the base rate, and will be sent ground unless requested otherwise. We cannot guarantee or be held responsible, once your order is handed to the carrier, for any delays or losses. Pacific North Press will not be responsible for shipping costs, including expedited fees unless otherwise agreed upon prior to production. We recommend including extra buffering time in your project if you require a tight shipping window.

Spoilage & Quality Assurance

Although our normal spoilage is insignificant, we do allow for an acceptable spoilage rate of 2% for standard inks/garments/methods materials, and a rate of 4% for non-standard inks/garments/materials/methods. Non-standards include; Heat press, jackets, mesh, safety items, tote bags, tri-blends, modal and rayon blends, specialty inks/methods such as glow, metallic, and HD printing. Pacific North Press will not be held responsible for garments with manufacturer defects such as holes or stains, and manufacturer defects will not be included in spoilage. 

While we do our best to catch these issues in receiving, we are only checking for correct styles, colors, quantity, and sizes. If we come across defective items, we will remove them from the order and proceed without them. We will not stop a machine if a manufacturer defect is caught. We will notify the client as soon as possible once the issue is caught – this may be prior to, during, or after production. Pacific North Press will update the decoration charge totals to reflect spoilage for decoration charges on items covered by our spoilage policy. 

Manufacturer defects are not counted towards our spoilage allowance. Pacific North Press will not reprint items covered under allowable spoilage or missed manufacturer defect items. If you need a firm quantity, we encourage you to order extras. Damaged items are discarded unless client requests return within 24 hours of order being invoiced. In the rare event that a job is decorated incorrectly or spoilage exceeds our allowable policy rate, Pacific North Press will replace the apparel and printing as a top priority.

Custom Work

Due to the nature of custom work, once your order moves into production, it cannot be canceled. We do not offer refunds after this point. If your order is still in the approval process, a cancellation can be made, and a refund will be given, however it will be subject to a 25% restock charge. Refunds will not be given on completed orders, in the case of omissions of art components, or color, or other print defect, we will re-print the quantity of defective goods as a priority.

Limitation of Liability

In agreeing to work with us, you, as the decorated goods purchaser, also agree to accept all responsibility for, and to hold Pacific North Press harmless for, but not limited to, any issue involving your order and copyrighted material (we will not knowingly reproduce any copyrighted material, registered trademarks, or property not owned by you, the decorated goods purchaser), missed deadlines, shipping errors, misprinted goods or spoilage, any goods printed within the specifications approved for any reason, breach of contract, financial losses, or any physical, financial, or other misuse or harm arising from the materials produced by Pacific North Press.

Warranty of Goods

We guarantee the print on your garments will match the specs approved by the customer or their representative at the time of the final artwork approval, within the aforementioned tolerances. As we cannot operate on an assumption and make a concerted effort to present the final specs for customer approval, deviations or miscommunications of order specs do not fall under this guarantee. We will produce the order as approved. We unfortunately cannot guarantee your satisfaction with the fit and finish of the garment itself, or the print applied beyond matching the approved specs.

Disputes & Claims

While it is a very rare instance for us to let misprints slip, no process is 100% perfect. However, unless Pacific North Press receives a written complaint with a detailed explanation documenting any issues of defective products, shortages, and/or other complaints within 3 business days from the date the products arrive at the destination indicated on the order, the products shall be deemed to have been delivered in good condition and that the delivery is accepted. Pacific North Press will not replace or refund for any defects or shortages found after this 3 day deadline. 

Pacific North Press will not be responsible for defects that result from incorrect storage, handling, and/or washing, or other conditions not related to our printing our handling of customer goods. Claims of color variance and/or placement issues require all defective garments to be physically returned back to us for verification, photos are not accepted for such claims. Returned goods will be disposed of by Pacific North Press if found to be defective and will not be returned to the customer. In the rare instance we find that there is indeed an issue that is not covered by our standard policies we will credit the client for the shipping costs for the sample and reprint or refund the defective items.

International Shipping

Unfortunately we cannot facilitate international shipping for you. The complexities of custom and tariff requirements are pretty far outside of our wheelhouse, and we wouldn’t want to see issues with an important shipment. We are happy to forward your goods to a customs broker of your choosing at any time.

Rush Orders

Good quality printing has a specific pace, hurrying the process will open the door for less than adequate results. Rush orders are accepted on a case by case basis. Rush orders will be handled with priority if accepted, however, cannot be guaranteed in the case of out of stock items, late quote or art approvals, or delayed shipment of goods to us. If a rush order does not arrive on time we will not refund the dollar amount of the order. However, we will only accept rush orders with a certainty we can meet your deadline. Additional fees will apply as noted below:

Rush Service Fees:

  • Rush Fee: 1 Day Turn @ +100% of Total (customer supplied items only)
  • Rush Fee: 2-3 Day Turn @ +75% of Total
  • Rush Fee: 4-5 Day Turn @ +50% of Total
  • Rush Fee: 6-8 Day Turn @ +25% of Total

Accepted Payment Methods

We accept all forms of credit card, check, cash, or bank transfer. Checks must clear before production lead begins, and will be subject to a $35 fee if returned.

Pricing Changes

Pacific North Press reserves the rights to modify our pricing for all items at any given time. Market pricing changes regularly. Pricing on quotes will be honored for 30 days from the date noted on the last quote sent. After this time has elapsed we will need to re-quote your order.

Credit Terms

We do not offer credit terms, Net 30, or comparable credit programs — all orders must be paid in full prior to production.


Usage of our services will be solely under the conditions above, engaging the services of Pacific North Press is an acceptance of these terms and conditions.